A core element within the Team Gleason mission is to provide advanced technology for people with ALS (pALS), and empower them to continue living purposeful lives. It costs roughly $260,000 a year to live with the disease, which often leaves patients without the ability to afford even simple communication devices, let alone the latest technology.

“Until there is a medical cure for ALS, technology will be that cure. When a person is diagnosed with ALS they are expected to fade away quietly and die. This is not okay. The average life expectancy is two to five years after diagnosis. Along with thousands of others, I am determined to not fade away quietly. By communicating with other patients, it became clear to me that with a sense of purpose, the right support and the right technology, it is possible to live a meaningful life despite ALS.

Currently, I use a machine that helps me breathe, and I have a feeding tube for nutrition. I communicate by typing with my eyes onto a tablet attached to my wheelchair. I am able to use this same device to drive my wheelchair, pay bills, call/text/email for help, take selfies, play a video for my son, stream music and much more. This technology is life-sustaining, and it allows me to be independent and productive. In a sense, this tablet is a cure for me.” – Steve Gleason

Team Gleason has funded over $3 million in assistive technology for pALS to help others like me live purposeful and productive lives. Team Gleason has partnered with leading technology companies to purchase eye tracking portable computers in bulk for an economy of scale to benefit more pALS, more quickly.

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