Team Gleason House

The Team Gleason House for Innovative Living is a residential facility designed to help people diagnosed with incurable neuro-muscular disorders live more independently.

“People with ALS are expected to fade away quietly and die,” according to Steve Gleason, “And, that’s not ok.” Team Gleason wants to encourage living with purpose by creating an atmosphere that is not only inspiring, but innovative. As in all our lives, we create our own destiny. That should be no different for people living with ALS at the Team Gleason House. We are only providing the space and tools to make that possible. The pALS and cALS will bring the energy, skills and motivation to continue being productive, living with purpose and changing the world.

This is only the second residence of its kind. With the help of Chase’s $350,000 grant, Team Gleason is using cutting edge technology to help mobilize and inspire people living with ALS; residents are able to open doors, turn up or down their bedroom shades, or call for the elevator, all with the help of a computer and a sensor that tracks head/eye movement for instruction.

Located at St. Margaret’s Skilled Nursing Residence in New Orleans, Louisiana, the first floor of the new facility is a dedicated ALS specialty care neighborhood. A specially trained staff will care for the residents.

Team Gleason hopes to provide additional pALS with expert quality of care and technology by expanding the ALS Living Center concept to many other cities.

Team Gleason House for Innovative Living amenities:
• 7 single occupancy rooms; 1 double occupancy room (8 rooms for 9 residents) with private bathrooms
• Rooms are equipped with PEAC technology, so residents can automate their environment (turn on/off lights, change channel on tv, raise/lower blinds)
• Highly trained staff on site with critical care/vent care experience
• Private ALS garden designed by our good friend and pALS, Steve Sailing
• Activity/theatre rooms equipped with technology for gatherings
• Family encouraged environment
• Hearthroom
• Whirlpool room
• Library, salon, chapel on-site