Dear Team Gleason Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support on GiveNOLA Day! As many of you know, the nation-wide server for Give Local America experienced technical difficulties yesterday, causing many giving sites to shut down due to overwhelming traffic, including GiveNOLA. We have been assured that there was no security breach and pledges made while the site was operating are secure.

 For those of you who tried to make a donation and were unable to do so, there are Three different ways you can make your donation or pledge:

1. Call GiveNOLA at (504) 598-4663 to make your donation by phone. 

2.  Email us at events@teamgleason.clickherepublishing.com with your name, pledge amount, and phone number.

3.  Download the GiveNOLA Day Pledge Form and email to events@teamgleason.clickherepublishing.com or fax to (504) 934-1038. 

We are still honoring GiveNOLA Day donation incentives. To qualify as a GiveNOLA Day donation, please make all pledges or donations before Friday, May 6 at 3 PM CST.  Pledge form does not require a credit card number. A GiveNOLA representative will be following up with you to process your pledge.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your support!

We are unable to access our list of donor gifts through the GiveNOLA website at this time, and therefore cannot see who has already donated. Thank you so much if you have already donated. We are so grateful for your continued support.

No White Flags! 

Team Gleason 

*All donors that have participated in Team Gleason Give NOLA Day will be entered in the drawing. Each donor will only be entered in one time. Donations of $37 or greater will receive the prize listed next to the donation level plus a chance to win the Gleason Film Premiere drawing. Four winners will be chosen for the drawing and will receive 2 tickets to the Gleason Film Premiere in New Orleans and a Team Gleason Swag Bag. Winners will be chosen on 5.11.16. Gleason Film Premiere date has not been determined.