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Short Bus to the Super Bowl

Being disabled is a new experience for us Gleason boys. We’re about 5 months into it and when I say “we” what I mean is this: My brother Steve is losing his ability to walk as his ALS symptoms progress. Before ALS began destroying my brothers body and I had to start caretaking him I […]

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It’s Just a Game

I know, football is just a game but when I was seven I remember crying after the Seahawks lost a playoff game. Across the country fans aged 7-70 closely tie their emotional status to the outcome of their beloved teams. As I grew older I became more focused on my development as an individual player. […]

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Why I love Rivers

“I am from the mountains and wandering Rivers yet I am aware of this life’s sacredness no matter where I sit. With every breath that I give, I am free.” As your birth approached and the name emerged, I began to think about why I love Rivers… When I was young I spent my summers […]

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